"In my opinion, the Birkman Method is a stepping stone for personality reflection – learning to identify and love who I am, strong and weak. Tasneem however, is the missing link. She enables that reaction, and together, we build personalized tools that help me handle unfavorable, messy, stressful situations, when my needs aren’t met, along with emotions on the opposite side of the spectrum.
I can’t wait to see where I go, as I consciously step into who I am!"


Type of tool: Assessment
Who’s it for? Anyone
Link to official site: Birkman 

What is it? 

  • An online survey to learn the depths of your personality and of others.
  • Those sparkling insights that inspire you, what makes you tick in work, in life,
    with others.
  • Highlights needs, interests, and most specifically our stress behaviors.
  • Culture fit environment
  • Tasneem is a contributor to the ‘The Birkman Method: Your Personality at Work’ (Published June 2013)

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