"In terms of retention, Claris Coaching played a key role. Staff retention was a big concern as we grew our company. We needed to ensure that the organisation had underlying values that the staff team as a whole worked towards. Tasneem held various workshops with our teams to help u identify our vision, mission and goals. We started by understanding what the exact roles and responsibilities were of the targeted manager and how we could link these into personality and core skills of the candidate. E.g. The healthcare sector is very highly regulated and therefore compliance is at the forefront of our priorities. We need someone who can confirm to this and therefore is very structured and action orientated as opposed to someone who is very creative and likes working without structure."

"Very recently we have started using the Emotional Intelligence testing. This is particularly useful because senior staff within the organisation are managing large numbers of staff. Furthermore the constant changes within the regulatory bodies demand varying requirements of providers like us. Therefore, we need managers who are
reflective and manage their emotions in a highly stressful environment."

Luxury Care Home

Why they came to us:

They had a retention issue as the company grew and wanted to build the culture focused on good values, providing quality care and teamwork.

Core needs:

  • evaluation of current team
  • identifying the vision and growth strategy of the company
  • building the right culture

Tailored methodology:

"We needed to first identify why there was a retention issues so we set up several meetings with different groups of staff. It was clear that their roles and responsibilities needed to be more clearly defined. They needed a better understanding of the CQC standards, which meant upgrading their training, and building their core ideology for the company. Each person needed to define their sense of value within the organisation. Training was provided on emotional intelligence for the managers. The Birkman profile was valuable in helping them understand oneanother and the Managing Director was trained to conduct appraisals and recruitment with the specific culture of the company in mind."




  • Stronger management working effectively and driving performance
  • Retention (more specific)
  • Culture implemented across all sectors of workforce
  • Operations Director and CFO acquired two more homes

Time Frame: 18 months


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