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"Tasneem at Claris Coaching has helped us transform our team by aligning our goals and vision. Tasneem does a phenomenal job at coaching young teams."


Get Licensed

Why they came to us:

Get Licensed was in the process of aligning its business case and strategy and wanted to identify its core ideology, have all the current staff evaluated and developed to be owners of their areas of focus.

Core needs:

  • identify core ideology
  • full staff evaluations
  • employee development and empowerment

Tailored methodology: 

"Claris Coaching ran a few sessions to gain clarity for the owner. His vision was to have several services and products using technology platforms. We worked one step at a time through several templates and sessions. The key was in understanding each person’s personality, skills and their motivation drivers. It was important to distil the owner's ideas and implement these through his various teams and companies."




  • a highly efficient team, clear about their roles
  • a positive working culture
  • a high performance
  • alignment of visions and values with working objective

Time Frame: 2 years

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