"Tasneem played a major role in helping us change core behavior, build a new culture, and establish new performance and customer satisfaction criteria. She has brought us new tools and has helped countless employees (from managers to entry level service representative) improve their performance, their skills, and their toolkit. She has interfaced with and impacted people in operations, human resources, training, quality, and truly every aspect of our business. In short, she was a major force in helping us completely reinvent our company."
– Joseph Rando, Past Senior Vice
President Asurion

Culture Dynamics

How we approach it:

Culture; it's the magic thread that weaves it all together.
We work with you to define your core vision, mission, values and objectives. These will drive all the systems that help to sustain people in your organisation, as they share purpose and values. We not only help you define your culture, but support you to put the right processesand measurements in place.

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"Contented employees have 31% higher productivity, generate 37% more sales, and are three times more creative than their disengaged counterparts."
(Harvard Business Review).

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