GroYourBiz for Women Entrepreneurs

Join our peer business advisory network of business owners where you can learn, share and connect with other entrepreneurs every month.

Our successful board structure allows us to make you accountable for your goals while we support you as your very own internal senior management team.

Benefits of joining our network:

1. Support and facilitate the women business owners to take their business to their next desired level.

2. Provide a confidential and comfortable environment for women to share.

3. Provide peer mentorship to encourage sharing of skills, expertise, knowledge and inspiration.

4. Provide stimulated and spirited discussions to assist women entrepreneurs to make intelligent and strategic decisions about the growth of their businesses.

5. Provide practical solutions to business challenges.

6. Provide expertise and resources in business and leadership including professional speakers, webinars, website and on-going educational materials and training.

7. Increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs on the local, national and international levels.

8. Participate in an annual conference(s) and/or seminars where women business owners can make strategic contacts and promote business development through our strategic alliances with WBE Canada, OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) and other women’s organizations.

9. Increase awareness of women’s issues and opportunities through the trusted advisors, and all related women and business organizations affiliated with GroYourBiz.

10. Advance the influence of women in the business and financial community with the support of our “Trusted Advisors”.

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