"80% of employees who aren’t happy with their supervisors claim they are disengaged and ultimately less productive."

(Dale Carnegie Institute).

Leadership and Management Development

How we approach it:

We help you to become a true leader. We will sharpen your management skills and help you to develop leadership qualities so that you can motivate, inspire and build a vibrant team. We will help you to understand what triggers you and others, and how to navigate through it. We give you tools to build emotional intelligence and good conversational intelligence building trust with others. We link your performance goals with behavioural competencies.

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Case Studies


"The benefit to Claris Coaching becomes abundantly clear when you start to use the tools that Claris Coaching provides. The Birkman assessment tool gives you great insight into your team members and this helps ensure that the difficult conversations you need to have with your team members, can happen in a constructive and useful way. It helps immensely that the company has a full feedback session with the team member eliminating any surprises in these situations. Claris Coaching has a refreshing and clear approach to coaching and developing team members and we are very much looking forward to the future with them as we set about developing a company culture.“
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