Founding partner and backbone of Claris, Tasneem was born into a complex and chaotic new family business.

Roaming the hallways of her father’s supermarket chain and hotel at just 10 years old, and then marrying into a family business, she was witness to plenty of small business catastrophes: organisational mayhem, personality clashes, overlapping agendas, lack of delegation.

What might have deterred any young kid to stay clear of such travesties, actually sparked inspiration and a relentless passion in Tasneem to become a problem solver, an empathetic listener, a life coach.

As Tasneem’s path took her to places across East Africa, the UK, USA and other parts of Europe, she naturally became a prism to filter all sorts of cultures, languages, personalities. This unique blend of sensibilities has resulted in what industry experts have cited as “a lens of authentic insight and real-life knowledge.” This and her true personal belief that it’s just a little bit of sound emotional intelligence that can illuminate pathways, bringing the human touch lead to the creation of Claris.