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Discover how Claris Coaching’s
25 years of expertise can help you achieve
your optimum performance potential.


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Human Touch Leadership
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Discover how Claris Coaching’s 25 years
of expertise can help you achieve
your optimum performance potential.

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Organisational coaching

Is your company growing? Are you finding you have less time to focus on your people, your clients and not sure where to begin?

Having an organisational coach connects all the dots with your people, resource structure, performance and more.

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Executive coaching

Have you found your current position to be requiring more organisation, more responsibilities and more people to manage?

Having an executive coach provides you with the sounding board that brings the best out of you, helps you achieve your objectives and lead more effectively.

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Leadership & Management

better performance in business

Better performance. We help you to become a true leader. We will sharpen your management skills and help you to develop leadership qualities so that you can motivate, inspire and build a vibrant team…

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Organisational Development

better performance in business

We help to put your people in a happy place. By providing the right systems and structures to create a healthy work environment, staff feel motivated, and meet or even exceed better performance standards…

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Team Coaching & Management

better performance in business with claris coaching

We work with you and your teams to build connections between their work and the goals of the business. We develop confidence and promote unity to help the team take on further responsibilities…

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Individual Coaching One to One

better performance in business management

We help you to achieve clarity around your goals, your personal vision and the journey you will take. We support and coach you to develop a set of skills and an outlook that will help you…

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“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”

Harvey Firestone

Our Philosophy

I have been honoured to attend Tasneem’s webinars

Tasneem’s webinars were amazing.  It was like having your third eye opened, an awakening and awareness of what one is capable of doing with her guidance.  The link and exercises were really helpful in leading one to self awareness and the webinars were engaging.  It was like the opening of your thoughts and dreams, making “I wish” into a positive affirmation of how “I am determined”.  I now feel capable of following my dreams and seeing them through to fruition.

Neerja Kolhatkar

Excellent coach

Tasneem is an excellent coach, guiding me in evaluating my personal goals to shape my vision and define the qualities that I value. She gently challenged me to stay to true to my values and articulate them in every interaction. I have seen how holding this focus has benefited my interactions with commercial team and building meaningful relationships from a much more powerful place.

Through regular monthly meetings, Tasneem empathetically listened and provided insight. Tasneem has a kind, thoughtful approach that is adept at pulling on the right threads at the right time. She provided me with the guidance needed that will have a significant impact on my current and future decisions. I highly recommend working with Claris Coaching.

Florenso Kirambata, Doubletree by Hilton

Refreshing and clear

Claris Coaching helps ensure that the difficult conversations you need to have with your team members, can happen in a constructive and useful way. It helps immensely that the company has a full feedback session with the team member eliminating any surprises in these situations.

Claris Coaching has a refreshing and clear approach to coaching and developing team members and we are very much looking forward to the future with them as we set about developing a company culture.

Steven Foster, Redefinebdl Hotel Group

A bespoke service

Claris Coaching are passionate about what they do and took time to understand our business and what we were aiming to achieve, offering a bespoke service.

Phillippa Morley, Carebase

A vital force for organisational success

We have engaged with Tasneem Virani, founder of Claris Coaching, as an Organisational coach for a number of years.

Our business ethos values our people and our customer, and we believe performance is driven by being positive in the workplace. Having Tasneem as our organisational coach has provided an independent neutral sounding board, helped focus us on our people, and helped to connect the dots within our organisation that we can sometimes miss when we are buried with numbers and tasks.

Claris Coaching has helped to drive our culture, to ensure regular communication, and to help us focus on human dynamics – a vital force for organisational success.

Claris Coaching brings a lot of experience and is constantly bringing best practices to us, from personality testing using the Birkman profile, to training on emotional intelligence & sustaining our values.

Tasneem reminds us and ensures this is embedded in all our human resource best practices, recruiting, training and coaching whilst facilitating and mediating those difficult conversations with empathy and compassion.

Al-Karim Nathoo, 4C Hotel Group
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With Claris you can achieve:

  • Better performance through your people and reduced staff turnover

  • Improve cultural dynamics at work

  • A strategy to define your purpose and values within your organisation

  • A successful and happier workforce

  • Finding your purpose and the right career

  • Achieving greater self confidence

The Claris Objective

Happiness At Work 100%
Productivity 100%
Performance 100%
Team Spirit 100%
Business Clarity 100%

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