Tasneem & Her Story

Tasneem is an Organisational Coach, Senior consultant in human performance and change management.

With over 25 years’ experience, she has trained more than 5000 individuals worldwide. Her clients have come from a myriad of sectors, ranging from the oil industry, hotel and hospitality markets, to senior care, assisted living programs, and call centres.

Tasneem’s core skills include:

  • team performance improvement
  • facilitation and mediation
  • online dispute resolution
  • promoting a guest experience
  • career management and planning
  • emotional intelligence skills development in leaders and managers
  • individual and executive coaching

Tasneem was born into a complex family business. This unique childhood led her to become an
expert in small and medium sized businesses, specializing in family dynamics related to the

Deep Understanding

She offers a deep understanding of the dynamics of emotional intelligence and the neuroscience connected to it, as well as to what drives human behaviour with good conversational intelligence.

Tasneem combines corporate expertise with institutional experience. Her work in the hospitality industry, alongside her Directorship at the Ismaili Council for Europe Lifelong Learning Programme, have given her a powerful and relevant toolkit. As a result, she established several of her own consultancy practices.

Working at a strategic and operational level, Tasneem has a proven track record in improving performance. She is an expert in identifying and changing personal and organisational behaviour, resolving key management issues, and enhancing staff relationships.

Previous clients include:

  • Splendid Hotel Group
  • Holiday Inn and other Hotel Brands
  • Belmont Village (assisted living)
  • Asurion (major call centre)

Having lived and worked in North America, Europe and Africa, she brings her international flair and global mindset into the mediation room. It is this unique blend of sensibilities that has resulted in her industry-reputed lens of insight and real-life knowledge.

Her areas of expertise have defined the services specific to Claris Coaching.


  • Bachelors in Psychology

  • Masters in Training and Performance Management

  • Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Professional Development (CIPD)

  • Fellow of National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)

  • Accredited Birkman Coach

  • Conversational Intelligence® with WBECs practitioner

  • Emotional Intelligence with Six Seconds practitioner

  • Certified Mediator with ADR ODR International

  • Online Dispute Resolution Specialist

  • Certified in GLA Leadership Assessments

What Tasneem saw

  • small business catastrophes

  • organisational mayhem

  • personality clashes

  • overlapping agendas

  • lack of delegation


Real Life Knowledge

This unique blend of sensibilities has resulted in what industry experts have cited as “a lens of authentic insight and real-life knowledge.”

Tasneem’s personal belief is that sound emotional and conversational intelligence can illuminate pathways and bring a more human touch to the business.

This philosophy lead to the creation of Claris, and the recognised work it is still doing today to help with business coaching.

Becoming a Problem Solver

What might have deterred any young child to stay clear of such travesties, actually sparked inspiration and a relentless passion in Tasneem to become a problem solver, an empathetic listener and an exceptional life coach.

Tasneem has worked globally across East Africa, the UK, USA and other parts of Europe, and naturally became a prism to filter all sorts of cultures, languages, personalities.


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