Our business philosophy is to strive for the running flow….

We are relentless in unleashing the endless supply
of potential that lies at the core of your stream.


Claris is an organisational development consultancy specialising in enabling flow in the workplace.

We gently brush through the arteries, so that within every current that weaves into the stream, clear alliances are formed.

We delicately bring murkiness to the surface, dissolving conflict, cleansing obscurities.

Melting ice, decompressing steam, so that one flowing trajectory is achieved.

With every tool we activate, whether it’s…

– Business philosophy assessment to bring things to the surface

– Coaching to craft smooth direction or

– Leadership management to inspire your vibrant rhythm

We inject plenty of empathy, compassion, and kindness.

We absorb
We listen
We are gentle
We are devoted

Why? Because we’ve been there.

You are not alone…

Our personal history in small businesses
has inspired and motivated
the creation of Claris.
We treat every case of establishing a great
business philosophy as if it’s our own.

Whether it’s crafting a vision plan
delegating leadership roles
or mediating conflict
we strive for the running flow
which requires a good business philosophy

business philosophy with claris coaching
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