Business Growth Consultancy for 4C Hotel Group


What the client needed

Evolving from a small business to a medium-sized enterprise, 4C Hotel Group had several growing pains:

They had a vision to expand into 4 continents and build new hotels ground up, as well as be the first to introduce their brand in the country.

They also wanted to strengthen their management company and all operating procedures, while building a learning organisation.

Core needs

  • establishing a clear culture, vision and strategy

  • a concise development plan for the whole team

  • job focus and performance measures

  • a learning and development culture

  • strong recruitment practices

  • a focus on customer service and leadership development

Claris’ approach and methodology:

To help them define their culture, we set out to define all the job descriptions and train the senior management to work with emotional intelligence in dealing with customers and their teams. We profiled all the team, identifying their strengths and passion and grew them to completely run their business with autonomy.


  • Birkman

  • CMI Leadership and Management Accreditation

  • Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence


  • HR Consultancy

  • Leadership and Management Development

  • Recruiting

  • Culture Dynamics

  • Individual and Team Coaching


  • Improvement in Business Performance Indicators

  • Silver Status by Investors in People 2014

  • Record-breaking employee retention

  • Birkman implemented recruitment process

Time Frame: 4 years

Tasneem’s support throughout our journey to grow from a small to medium enterprise has taken a phased approach, enabling her to truly understand the organisation and our vision, thus helping us to achieve our goals and become an attractive employer within the sector.

Thanks to Claris Coaching, everyone in the company is now aligned to our vision and values and understand the end goals. This is particularly effective for Senior Management as they see opportunities to develop and feel a part of the growth journey, in turn, impacting retention.

By reviewing our recruitment practices, namely interview capability and implementing the Birkman Method, we have seen business improvements here in the UK and at our international operations. Tasneem really understands the culture and requirements of management teams for all regions. Follow-up training & development now includes understanding Emotional Intelligence which is helping our managers to become better leaders.