Management Consultancy for Opulent Hotel Group

Opulent-Hotel-Group hotel group consultancy

What the client needed:

  • sustainability of the managers

  • clear expectations from the owners

  • strong recruitment process

  • defining the culture of the organisation

  • identifying competencies and behaviours

  • a healthy work environment

Claris’ approach & methodology

We worked with the policy group and all levels of the team through understanding their purpose and their personality to see which personality was the best fit for their roles. It took 3 months before we hired the right fit and the right team for each hotel group.

All senior management went through a similar process.

Then we defined the areas of responsibility that best suited them.

We learned that if people worked towards their strengths, it was a good motivator and drove performance.


  • Birkman

  • Claris Training & Coaching

  • ADR Meditation

  • Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence


  • HR Consultancy

  • Leadership and Management Development

  • Culture Dynamics

  • Individual and Team Coaching

  • Recruiting


  • Retention of hotel managers

  • Talent management in place

  • Positive working culture

  • Senior team established

  • Improved customer service

  • Improved recruitment process now integrating Birkman method

  • Better accountability

Time Frame: 2 years

Claris Coaching was able to bring us to identifying the culture and values that we wanted within our partnership. They helped to recruit the right managers, and to identifying the type of structure that we needed as an organisation.

Claris helped to clarify our own roles as owners and those of Senior Management with reporting procedures.

Opulent Hotel Group