Are you clear about your vision for 2020?

Are you clear about your vision for 2020?

10% of the year has already gone by.

Like a river, you might feel that your year has started in a torrent of activity. But has it all been focussed on what you want to achieve?

Or perhaps you feel that you’ve been meandering along so far and need to gain greater clarity of focus?

We at Claris Coaching have refocused our vision for 2020 and want to give you the tools to do the same.

So, how do you refocus on your objectives for 2020 and steer a steady course to achieving them?

Tailoring our training to your lifestyle

This year Claris Coaching is offering bitesize training to fit around your lifestyle.

We know that you don’t always have the time (or the budget) to attend full day coaching with us. Plus, many of the concepts we teach are perfect for a short, modular training approach.

Therefore, we are building on our digital training activities of last year and offering extra online support. This will allow us to help more people in a way that suits them.

This doesn’t mean that we’re stopping our face to face work. For businesses, in particular, our “in person” coaching remains a core part of our services – we’re well aware that not every problem can be solved through a computer screen!

Our first training sessions of 2020

We are kicking off the first quarter of 2020 with a series of six free, bitesize webinars focussed on “6 Lessons/Tips to Achieve Personal Clarity and Vision in 2020”. These 10 to 15 minute training sessions are aimed at helping you understand your personal goals for the coming year and how to achieve them.

Register for the free webinars.

The six webinars will be available daily from the 17th February at 1 pm GMT. Once you’ve registered, if you miss one of the webinars we’ll send you a link to watch the training any time before the end of February. We will also provide you with worksheets to accompany the training.

Our webinars are ideal for those at different stages in their lives; whether you are starting your career, settled in your job, retired or seeking a change of direction or just need some clarity in your mind.

They will give you an opportunity to take a moment for yourself to think and reflect.

Visit our webinar registration page for further details about the 6 tips and to take the first step on your journey to achieve Personal Clarity and Vision for 2020.

The gift of Clarity

When you have completed the webinars you will have a clearer sense of purpose for 2020, an understanding of your own abilities and how you can harness your energy to achieve everything you want.

Clarity and vision for businesses

We will also be offering a series of webinars for leaders and businesses. These will support you in improving your company culture for the benefit of your business, your employees and your customers.

These webinars will focus on:

  • Achieving Clarity and Vision in 2020
  • Leading the Customer Experience with Emotional Intelligence.
  • Managing Relationships and Conflict.

There will be a strong emphasis on using empathy and compassion in your business. This topic is increasingly in the spotlight for business leaders: 58% of CEOs say that they struggle with consistently exhibiting empathy in the workplace*.

We’ll demonstrate how to harness these positive emotions. You’ll learn how they can help you maintain healthier relationships within your organisation and provide a more memorable experience for your customers.

* BusinessSolver 2019 State of Workplace Empathy survey.

If you would like further support from the Claris Coaching team then please contact us to discuss which of our services might be of benefit to you.