Claris Coaching launches a new service: family business

Claris Coaching launches a new service: family business

My father was a very successful entrepreneur in Nairobi, along with his 2 brothers. They worked very closely together. Then trouble started when the 2nd generation came into the business. They were issues around the way they were communicating, and around their roles in the business. Instead of valuing each person’s contribution into the business, and having family discussions around long term strategy, they were so easily influenced by those ‘friends,’ even their children and their spouses; all of whom had their own agenda. I look back and think if they had the tools today and the knowledge, the family business would have excelled into the 4th generation, more united and with less suffering.

Tasneem Virani, Founder Claris Coaching.

Based on Tasneem’s personal experience in the family, Claris Coaching has been built on a very strong premise to facilitate family business growth. We are passionate about helping businesses become more sustainable and move smoothly into the 3rd, even 4th generation. Building blocks need to be in place right at the start of the 2nd generation.

Here’s how we do it:

We’ve identified common roadblocks:

• Missing information
• Lack of communication
• No real clarity around best practices
• No confidence that they are making sound decisions
• Could be “family first”

We’ve also identified areas of growth:

• There is some level of confidence that a solid family / personal connection exists
• The family has the potential to learn and work together to implement best practices in the ownership and business circles

So how do we guide you?

Our new service section – Family Business – is filled with the latest tools and techniques proven to grow your family business.

It includes our recent partnership with the Family Firm Institute – a pioneering global network of thought-leaders in the field of family enterprise which provides research-based learning and relevant tools to practitioners worldwide.

It also includes our new collaboration with the BDO International Family Business Group and © The BDO SuccessCare Program. They recently launched the results of the first phase of their global study on family business: the Discovery Questionnaire. Among other findings, it reveals that communication and long term strategy are the major blocks across family businesses worldwide.

To explore the types of roadblocks that could be impacting the success of your family business, Claris Coaching now provides a complimentary test drive of the Discovery Questionnaire. It’s a benchmark tool for your business and it’s available to you today.

Claris Coaching will not only help you to open up the lines of communication and set structures in place, but will also identify the right experts to address your specific needs and concerns.

After an initial consultation with us, we assess your individual case and put you directly in touch with © The BDO SuccessCare Program for a more thorough analysis, including their 13 factor test for success and continuity.

Email us today to build your family business for the future.