Claris Tools Ugenie


Digital technology has connected us to the world and everything in it! It enables us to connect with you through a variety of means including phone, e-mail and chat to provide additional training and support outside of the physical time being spent with you. In order to do this in the most optimum way, we are launching our very own private digital hub on Ugenie where you can access all of our expert content anywhere at any time!

Ugenie allows Claris to create a tailored digital hub where we can share important updates, tips, videos, dates and additional coaching content to support your organisation. Instead of having to search through emails or chats, our digital hub will be one easy-to-manage place for you to find and view our content and conversations.

Another great way Ugenie will support you is that it also allows you to choose the types of updates you want like to receive. What does this mean? Well, when you register for our community on the Ugenie app, you will be asked to choose from the topics of content that Claris will be posting. For the chosen topics, you will be alerted when relevant content is added! For all other content, you can view at your leisure.

If you have any questions about the hub or anything about Claris coaching, please get in touch!