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Maximising Business Potential through Human Understanding

The dynamics and understanding of people are crucial to business success. Smartly address emotions that impact talent sustainable cultures, conflict resolution, team dynamics, and adapting to new generations, hybrid, and multicultures to help businesses achieve growth and thrive in the face of change.

Who is Tasneem Virani?

"Maximise human potential, not only in ourselves but in others too."

The challenges you might want to address in your business

Thriving in a rapidly changing Business Landscape

Succession Management

Talent Management and Retention

Organisational and Relationship Dynamics


Our comprehensive Services for your Success

Leadership Coaching

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Organisational Consultancy

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Change Management

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Quality of relationships

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Family Dynamics

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Career Clarity & Focus

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What we do

Claris has been built on a strong premise to facilitate business growth.

We have different tools to help us identify the key issues within your business or personal life.

Claris works on a one-on-one, retainer engagement looking at the organisational dynamics, culture, development programmes, recruitment issues, coaching and training.

Our services are customisable to your needs.

Tools we Use

Human Touch Leadership

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Human Touch Scorecard

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Emotional Intelligence

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Conversational Intelligence®

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The GLA Framework (360)

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Birkman Method

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Claris Framework

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Human Touch Leadership Embodying Emotional Intelligence in a rapidly changing World

Lead with clarity. Lead with empathy. Lead with impact. Buy your copy today.

Written by Tasneem Virani

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Achieving Clarity, Focus and Purpose using Human Touch Leadership Skills

Independent Learning Course


We have engaged with Tasneem Virani, founder of Claris Coaching, as an Organisational Coach for a number of years. Our business ethos values our people and our customer, and we believe performance is driven by being positive in the workplace. Having Tasneem as our organisational coach has provided an independent neutral sounding board, helped focus us on our people, and helped to connect the dots
Al karim Nathoo
CEO 4C Hotel Group, U.K.

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Partners and Team

Delivering exceptional services through collaborative partnerships and dedicated teamwork

Eduarda Luna Pais

Managing Partner of ELPing Organizational Fitness

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Kim Kortlepel

Founder and Director of KVK73 and Mediator

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Empower Your Business

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