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by Tasneem Virani

Avoid the Silent Underminer

The lack of a strong Culture might be affecting you and your organisation in many different ways, silently and relentlessly.


You as a Leader

Work/Life (in)balance

You find it challenging to find a work/life balance?

Mind Blur

Your lose focus and your mind gets clouded with too much going on?

Strategy and Decisions

You find it difficult to make decisions? 

You are confused about the direction you are going?

You have no time to think and just react to day-to-day operations?


The Link With Your Team


You are frustrated because you feel that you are not getting your message across? 


You have so many priorities and find it difficult to work with your team?


You have less and less time to communicate to your team and keep everything in your head?


Your Team's Performance


Departments work in silos instead of collaborating for the same results?


You are disappointed that you and your team are not following the vision of the Company?


You find that your team is not performing at its best?

You are frustrated that you are not getting the results that you want from the teams?

You find that your team members have lost purpose and passion?


Build the Culture that will make your life easier, the business grow, and the CFO smile.

Better professional life

With a strong Culture Plan in place, you will experience a better work-life balance, clearer decision-making, and a sense of direction in your professional life.

Business Growth

A well-crafted Culture Plan has the power to drive business growth by fostering collaboration, improving team dynamics, and aligning everyone towards a common vision.

Economic results

By investing in a Culture Plan, you will see tangible economic results. Increased productivity, improved employee performance, and enhanced customer satisfaction are just a few of the benefits.

Human Touch Leadership

Accelerator Programme

A comprehensive system designed to develop and transform your team, ultimately creating a healthy culture where leaders collaborate with each other, drive performance, motivation, and talent.

Tailored to your specific company, considering key performance indicators that align with your organisational goals.

The programme incorporates insights from neuroscience, enabling participants to better understand how their minds and the minds of others react in different situations. This understanding helps in establishing processes within the organisation that promote autonomy, responsibility, wellness, loyalty, collaboration, improved decision-making, enhanced work dynamics, and ultimately increased performance.

A complete framework to promote leadership development, team collaboration, and skills to sustain culture and promote impact as a leader. Through a collaborative approach with leaders in your organisation, participants will learn and embody techniques based on the principles behind Human Touch Leadership.

Pre- and Post-Evaluation

4-Month Programme with eight Modules of 90-minute each

Group Sessions

Homework Assignments, Reflection and Application

Certification and 30 CPD Credits available on completion.

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“Human” refers to gaining a deeper understanding of the mind and the neuroscience behind how our brains function. While we all have similar brain structures, the chemical and neurotransmitter influences on brain health are critical factors to consider. By cultivating this awareness, we can take proactive steps to keep our minds healthy and optimise our human


"Touch" revolves around how our experiences and interactions shape our responses and behaviours. If we encounter situations that evoke feelings of being undervalued or misunderstood, we tend to react instinctively through fight, flight, or appease responses. Understanding the emotional triggers that touch our brains can empower us to respond more consciously and constructively. Learning to build and apply emotional, social and conversational intelligence effectively in every situation.


"Leadership" encompasses the type of leadership needed in today's rapidly changing world. Leading with impact means driving positive change, humility, empathy, and compassion to unlock human potential in order to drive performance, a healthy work culture

Framework that is customised for your organisation.

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Stage 1

Human Touch Leadership

Stage 1 of the HTL AP introduces Human Touch Leadership via a foundational webinar. Participants increase self-awareness, observe behaviors, and develop a shared framework for applying HTL principles, fostering effective leadership.

Stage 2

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Stage 2 focuses on emotional intelligence (EI). Participants use the 6 seconds model to develop EI competencies. They explore emotions' impact on thinking, behavior, leadership, and teamwork, applying EI to real work situations. The goal: empowered, emotionally intelligent leadership. (This stage is split up into two Modules)

Stage 3

Effective Communication through Conversational Intelligence

Stage 3 of HTL AP focuses on Conversational Intelligence and effective communication skills. Participants reflect on motivating and triggering conversations, addressing biases, and learning to ask impactful questions. They leave with tools to foster trust, collaboration, and positive relationships within their teams.

Stage 4

Application to the Organisational Goals and Competenices

In Stage 4, participants review performance indicators and emotional intelligence competencies. They define personal leadership goals and assess their progress, identifying areas for development. This self-reflection leads to a clear roadmap for growth, empowering them to become impactful leaders in their organizations.

Stage 5

Creating Impact with Team Collaboration across Departments

In Stage 5, we assess your organization and customize programme modules to focus on team leadership essentials. Through five tailored sessions with interactive exercises, you'll gain the skills to lead effectively in your organization's context, driving positive results and a strong work culture.

Stage 6

Reviewing Progress and Measuring Success

Stage 6 reviews pre-assessment factors and individual goals, aligning development with initial objectives. It measures progress and programme impact, offering valuable leadership insights and identifying areas for growth and success.

Discovery Call

By the end of the Discovery Call, we will have a clearer understanding of the leadership development needs and the company's goals. This will help in determining if the Human Touch Leadership Accelerator Programme is the right programme to support your growth and align within your organisation's objectives.

Here we will determine focus areas in which the Human Touch Leadership Accelerator Programme is a good fit for your organisation's needs and aspirations, aligned to your objectives. If you decide to go ahead, we will develop a plan together over the next 6 months.


Completing the Human Touch Leadership Scorecard

Assessing where your organisation stands currently stand on the spectrum of Human Touch Leadership. This will provide insights into your strengths and areas where you may require further development.

Identifying areas for improvement

An opportunity to share the specific competencies related to the organisation and the leadership. we will evaluate which ones relate to emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and conversational intelligence.

Understanding the company's goals

An opportunity to reflect on where you want to see the Company in the next next year and identify the key performance indicators related to your Company.


I am delighted to share my experience with the Human Touch Leadership and the profound impact it has had on my professional journey. Under your guidance, I have witnessed a transformation in my leadership style and the way I connect with my team. Human Touch Leadership embodies a unique approach that places a tremendous emphasis on empathy, authenticity, and genuine human connection. From the
Ian McLachlan, Group General Manager

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Human Touch Leadership Embodying Emotional Intelligence in a rapidly changing World

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Written by Tasneem Virani

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