Human Touch Leadership Book

What does it take to be a great leader?

It is no secret — The best leaders recognise the potential in people. They can see hidden talents and underutilised skills in their team. They listen with empathy and lead with compassion. However, to do that, they must first reflect and examine their behaviour by harnessing proven techniques from emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence and conflict resolution.

For over two decades, Tasneem Virani has worked closely with successful leaders and business professionals from diverse walks of life. She has helped leaders overcome challenges, improve their communication and achieve real clarity, unlocking their true potential. From multinational conglomerates to family-run enterprises, Tasneem Virani has used proven methods from her training in mediation, psychology, emotional intelligence and Conversational Intelligence® to give leaders the skills they need to lead — driving measurable growth and lasting success.

In Human Touch Leadership, 27 diverse leaders from across the world share their insights and lessons in leadership, and how they were moving through the pandemic with their teams with empathy and purpose. Many pivoted to areas they had not considered as important before.

The book is full of insights that link human behaviour with neuroscience. Every act related to building reflective, emotional and conversational intelligence towards productivity, performance and better relationships is tied into the mechanics of the human body and mind. When we learn to use our mind effectively, we are healthier and wiser as leaders.

The years ahead will be pivotal for many people. A time to recover and reassess, and to prepare ourselves to reemerge from the pandemic with clarity of vision. Now it is time to be focused, agile, and effective. Human Touch Leadership is a guiding framework for leaders who wish to achieve exactly that.

With Human Touch Leadership, your potential is infinite.

Lead with clarity. Lead with empathy. Lead with impact.


Human Touch Leadership is for Leaders who want to:

  • Embody emotional intelligence in a rapidly changing world

  • Build a culture of compassion

  • Be adaptable to change

  • Transition smoothly and thrive in the “new normal”

  • Lead with empathy

  • Adopt a growth mindset

  • Unlock their team’s potential

  • Maintain a healthy mindset