Managing workplace conflict – the Claris Coaching way

Managing workplace conflict – the Claris Coaching way

In the excitement of setting up a new enterprise, business owners are keen to establish the roles and responsibilities for their new team. To do lists and process flows become an art form in this set up phase.

But, as the business becomes established, the focus tends to shift away from the people. Managers are so busy “doing” that they can become distant from their teams. They begin to forget that running a business isn’t just about systems and finances.

It’s about people.

The build up to conflict

The people in every business need to feel valued, respected, motivated and have a sense of purpose.

In the exciting early days of a business this is achieved almost effortlessly. But, once the organisation is growing, it’s very easy to lose the momentum and to stop involving your people as closely in your expanding business.

A good analogy is the ocean. On a calm, sunny day the surface looks beautiful and serene.

However, as we go deeper, we see how plastic waste is building up.

Eventually the creatures living in the ocean start to struggle to survive, let alone to thrive.

Suddenly you begin to see evidence of this pollution floating up to the surface of the ocean, but by this time the problem has become so deep-rooted that it requires a momentous effort to clean the water.

In a business, like in the oceans, by the time you see the issues float to the surface, you may have a far bigger problem on your hands than you ever imagined.

Helping businesses prevent conflict

The trick to managing conflict in your business is to prevent it happening in the first place. It’s impossible to completely eradicate conflict, but we aim to reduce the risk of issues building up and thereby minimise your risk of conflict arising.

We understand what triggers and motivates people. Through taking a humanistic approach and applying techniques of Emotional Intelligence, we ensure that we fully understand and empathise with your situation.

We’ll help you to introduce new systems and processes, and modify existing ones, to ensure that you take the human factor into account. Not only can this reduce the risk of conflict occurring and escalating, but when it does (inevitably) happen on occasion, we’ll ensure that your management team have the tools and techniques to manage it quickly and effectively.

Helping businesses manage conflict

Working with companies who are going through rapid growth, to help prevent conflict, is always the preferred route for all parties.

But sometimes conflict already exists. For these companies, we will work across the business to ensure that meaningful conversations are being held where each person feels heard and understood.

Our support includes training and coaching leadership teams in conflict management. Our facilitation and mediation services are on hand to provide any help you need to ensure that the issues are resolved with a ‘win-win’ situation.

Working with us to prevent or manage conflict can enable your business to minimise the risk of legal action, create a positive work culture and a working environment where all employees feel part of the family.

The Claris Coaching methodologies

We work on the basis that every human being wants to…

…feel needed and valued

…know what’s going on

…be part of the solution

…be involved in decision making

This starting point helps us ask the right questions to understand the root causes of conflict and to deal with them in an effective and positive way.

We work closely with all levels of the organisation and ensure that leaders and managers receive the right training and support to enable them to assess, motivate and build the people in their teams.

We are skilled in a wide range of coaching techniques, allowing us to select from an expansive toolkit and tailor our approach to each organisation. These are a couple of examples:

The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is a detailed personality assessment which helps you to fully understand your own needs and interests. This in-depth understanding can pinpoint what makes you happy, stressed and motivated. It can reveal how you relate to authority, your preferred communication styles and how you deal with change.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you and your team have completed the Birkman assessment, we will then help you to interpret the results. These can give you a deep understanding about the causes of conflict between specific personalities within your business.

With this greater knowledge we can develop strategies and techniques to help you manage conflict in a highly tailored, and therefore much more effective, way.

More about how we use Birkman to coach “people as people”.

Conversational Intelligence®

Conversational Intelligence® gives us models and language to encourage healthy conversations, which stimulate the motivational chemicals in the brain.

Our deep understanding of Conversational Intelligence® and the neuroscience behind it, enables us to better understand human dynamics and improve relationships simply by helping people to communicate more effectively.

We often train leaders and managers in using Conversational Intelligence® so that the positive conversations can continue even when we’re not there to provide guidance.

Working across cultures

One of our specialities is our experience in working across different groups of people and managing conflict which may be caused by misunderstandings between different cultures, generations and belief systems.

Regardless of differences, each person in your business deserves to feel equally valued and involved. But this might require a slightly different approach for different people – for example, there could be five or six generations between colleagues, and people from first, second and third cultures working together.

Conflict management case study

We were called in to help a company which had rapidly grown from 60 to 300 employees. Unfortunately, what had started off as a friendly workplace had become a toxic environment. Everyone was talking about everyone – and not in a good way.

We spent three months working with the business to put things right.

Listen. Listen. Listen

Firstly, we listened. We listened to everyone.

We discovered that at the root of many of the issues was that some employees felt lost in the ever-expanding size of the organisation, whilst others loved the challenges of working in a growth enterprise.

A change of approach

We helped the business to change its approach to better suit the differing needs of their workforce, so everyone felt equally validated and supported.

We improved the communications throughout the organisation including regular chats between managers and their teams, so that everyone knew what was going on as the company continued to grow.

The management team received training in Emotional Intelligence, to help them better understand and motivate their teams – enabling them to lead more effectively.

By listening to what was really wrong and putting the right systems in place we allowed the organisation to ‘clean’ their environment and start to work together to continue to grow the business.

How Claris Coaching can help your organisation

We work with organisations in a range of ways, aligning our approach to each businesses’ needs and budget.

“Claris Coaching helps ensure that the difficult conversations you need to have with your team members, can happen in a constructive and useful way.”

Steven Foster, Redefinebdl Hotel Group

One-off coaching sessions

We can provide a ‘one-off’ session, for example to discuss a conflict which has arisen and the ways in which your management team could adapt their approach to resolve it.

Ongoing support

We also work with businesses on a retained basis, supporting the management team. Often our work is in the background, introducing initiatives to minimise the risk of conflict, but we’re always on hand to provide more visible assistance should issues arise.

International support

We work with businesses across the UK, USA, Canada and Africa, using the best of modern technology to deliver our services around the world. This includes live video one-to-one or group sessions, customised webinars (which can be delivered live or pre-recorded) and online training options. We find the advantages of technology to be both effective and convenient for our clients.

We welcome anyone from small local businesses to large multinationals. People are still people, however big the organisation they work in!

Let’s chat

All our work starts with an informal chat to get to know you, your organisation and what you would like us to achieve for you.

Why not call us now on +44 (0)20 8432 9886 and start your journey to better conflict management?