Business Partnerships Consultancy


Here’s how it works:

We provide tools and services to support greater understanding between business partners and recruit the right people to your business.

We understand the key components to achieving synergy through developing your emotional and conversational intelligence, achieving harmony as you work through challenges.

Do you identify with any of these predicaments?

  • “My business partner and I don’t agree on the fundamentals of the business.”
  • “Our joint decisions are not leading to positive bottom-line and profit.”
  • “Our inter-partnership frustrations are holding us and the business back.”
  • “I’m experiencing high people turnover & spending too much time on recruitment?”
  • ” I want to make my recruitment process easier.”

With Claris, you can achieve:

  • Synergy and harmony in your interactions through emotional and conversational intelligence skills, enabling you to work through challenges and obtain clarity of action.

  • Better recruitment by identifying strengths, weaknesses and skills gaps in your hierarchy.

  • Greater understanding of internal and external partnerships.


You’ve taken the most important step
by asking yourself the difficult questions.
Now you’re ready to work with Claris
to achieve clarity.