Business Team Coaching

Here’s how it works:

We work with you and your teams to build connections between their work and the goals of the business.

We help them to understand each other’s abilities, motivations and stressors so that they can identify through coaching how they can work together effectively.

We develop confidence and promote unity to help the team take on further responsibilities.

Do you identify with any of these predicaments?

  • “My team needs to work better to perform well and towards one end goal.”
  • “I spend too much time on my team’s daily performance and being involved in directing them.”
  • “I want my team to take on more responsibilities.”

With Claris, you can achieve:

  • Clarity for your team on how their performance and work contributes to the success of the business.

  • Understanding between team members of their individual abilities, motivations and stresses.

  • Confidence and unity in your team enabling them to take on responsibility and grow stronger together.


You’ve taken the most important step
by asking yourself the difficult questions.
Now you’re ready to work with Claris
to achieve clarity.