Leadership & Management Development Coaching

Here’s how it works:

We help you to become a true leader.

We will sharpen your management skills and help you to develop leadership qualities so that you can motivate, inspire and build a vibrant team. We will help you to understand what triggers you and others, and how to navigate through it.

We give you tools to build emotional intelligence and good conversational intelligence building trust with others. We link your performance goals with behavioural competencies.

Do you identify with any of these predicaments?

  • “I’m a leader in a new role and need to guide my organisation with conviction.”
  • “My leaders need to sharpen their skills and become more effective leaders in the organisation.”
  • “I’m an aspiring leader.”

With Claris, you can achieve:

  • True leadership where you motivate, inspire and build a committed team that lead too.

  • Understanding in what triggers you and others to react in certain ways.

  • A path to successful leadership using tried and tested techniques.

  • Enhanced interview processes, enabling quick shortlisting and better matches.

  • Being able to place the right people in the right roles.


You’ve taken the most important step
by asking yourself the difficult questions.
Now you’re ready to work with Claris
to achieve clarity.