Organisational Coaching


Here’s how it works:

Organisational coaching aims to put your people in a happy place. By providing the right systems and structures to create a healthy work environment, staff feel motivated, and meet or even exceed performance standards. We will enable you to create a succession plan and retain valuable talent.

We help develop and train to support clarity in job descriptions, key performance indicators, and performance appraisals. We also train in the delivery of this.

We support the “Investors in People” initiative in the UK by raising our client’s standards as they move towards this valuable accreditation.

Do you identify with any of these predicaments?

  • ” High staff turnover is a big issue here.”
  • ” My team is not motivated and clear about their responsibilities and expected performance.”
  • ” I don’t have the systems to track new joiners, absenteeism, performance management and organisational development.”

With Claris, you can achieve:

  • Using key performance indicators, 360 degree feedback and appraisals to motivate and your team for organisational development.

  • Reduced staff turnover and increased retention and succession.

  • A happy, healthy and positive working environment for your teams.

  • A motivated team that will deliver performance and growth to exceed expected standards.

  • Clarity and improving performance by reviewing job descriptions.


You’ve taken the most important step
by asking yourself the difficult questions.
Now you’re ready to work with Claris
to achieve clarity.